Working Sustainably

From our coastlines to our forests. From the colours we select to the designs we print. We care about sustainability, not only for our environment, but for our minds as well. We’re baru, we’re for the conscious kind.

Recycled Polyester

We've used recycled polyester to create our swimshorts range.

From waste to wear. Each pair of swimshorts has been manufactured with 10 used plastic water bottles. This is recovered ocean waste that’s been collected, cleaned and melted into workable fabric.

This means that every pair of shorts we’ve created has helped reduce both landfill and ocean pollution. How good is that? We’ve also added 8% spandex to keep the fabric light and stretchable, making it perfect for the hustle of an active life.

Organic Cotton

We've used organic cotton to create both our t-shirts and long sleeved linen shirts.

Our t-shirts and shirts are 100% certified organic cotton. It has been grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals and it’s GMO-free!

We’ve kept our promise when it comes to quality and comfort – our cotton has all been pre-washed and feels great. A linen weave has been used for our shirts, ensuring they feel both light and breezy, whilst our t-shirts have been produced in a tight weave so they feel tailored without being too tight.

What we're about

Sustainable Minds

We believe that our mind is like the engine of a car. If you drive on a road that’s too rough, too often, it’s going to need a service. We’re all living increasingly stressful lives these days, from the pressures of social media to the fears of climate change and everything in between – it’s more important than ever for our minds to be given a chance to recharge and recover. And that’s why emotional sustainability is so important. We’ve partnered with Jessica Ball from Creative Meaning to further shed light on what this all really means.

“Emotional sustainability is increasing an awareness of the dynamic systems within us: the relationship between our emotions, feelings, thoughts and physical selves; and how these relate to our external world. With small interventions and conscious intention we can better equip ourselves with the tools we need to empower us to improve our wellbeing; from a weekend camping with baru, engaging in a creative activity, or simply taking a few minutes to pause and reflect on our surroundings and ourselves as part of nature. Actively connecting with our minds, bodies and hearts can be so beneficial to us finding balance within the challenges and pressures of our everyday lives.”

Sustainable Business

From ethical manufacturing to environmentally sustainable fabrics, we’re trying to ensure that we leave as small a negative footprint as we can. We’ve partnered with factories in China that are dedicated to guaranteeing worker rights and entitlements. And when it comes to our sustainable fabrics, we’ve been as stringent as we can – ensuring that our cotton is organic and our polyester is 100% made from recycled water bottles.

Bank Australia

As Australia’s first bank to be certified ‘responsible’, Bank Australia exists to create mutual prosperity in the form of positive economic, social, environmental and cultural impact. They’re here to benefit our customers, their communities and the planet. They believe that a truly responsible bank can make society better, and that where people and organisations put their money has a big impact on the world. That’s why they embed their values into everything they do – from the loans they provide to the types of organisations they do business with.


Sendle’s purpose is to help small business thrive. One of the most important ways they do this is by helping to keep our planet and environment healthy. They believe that a great delivery service doesn’t and shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service (and a B-Corp!).