We care about sustainability, not only for our environment but for our minds as well.

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Blake Hillebrand

Design & Marketing
RMIT University. Architecture

Blake grew up near the coastal gem of Dimmick’s Back Beach where its naturally eroded cliff faces inspired his interest in environmental architecture. But it was Blake’s inclination towards fashion that made him aware of the harmful wastage coming from the start-up clothing trend in recent years.

So, he turned his creative passion toward something that felt real and purposeful in the hopes of moving the fashion industry towards sustainable practices. baru is his way of giving back to an area that shaped much of his identity.

Jeremy Finkelstein

Project Management & Manufacturing
University of Melbourne. RMIT University. Environmental Horticulture

With fond childhood memories of the Great Ocean Road and its beautiful landscapes, Jeremy has always appreciated what nature has to offer, which led to his pursuit in horticulture and informed him as a disability support worker. However, after graduating, Jeremy’s interests turned towards project management where he cultivated a curiosity for manufacturing & business. baru is about the challenge.

The opportunity to overcome, to strategise and to grow, and to use his broad range of experience for driving a humble start-up towards its best outcome.

baru, for the conscious kind

We wanted to create a clothing brand that stands out from the crowd.

That’s why we decided to turn the fashion brand process on its head and build our brand backwards. We started with the issues we wanted to tackle first, rather than the prints and designs we wanted to manufacture.

Over 75% of mental health problems develop before the age of 25, with anxiety, stress and depression taking the lion’s share. Increased reliance on the internet, increased pressures from family and friends to achieve, to push the boundaries. To do more, to be more. Whatever ‘more’ even is.

Offering new mechanisms to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety so we can recharge our mind is becoming more important than ever.

But how do we do that? By enjoying ourselves, being with our friends, having new and refreshing experiences along the way.

baru is about getting outside for peace of mind, leaving all of our stresses behind whilst enjoying amazing adventures with our mates. We’ve created ‘baru Outdoors’ – to help as many young Aussies to get out of the city and into nature.

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Dimmicks Beach, Blairgowrie

(where it all began)