• eGift Cards


    The best way to buy a gift that you know will fit! All of our gift cards come with a lifetime expiry and our 24/7 customer support guarantee. Send this to a friend or loved one and let them make all the important decisions.

    All they have to do is enter the one-time promo code into our checkout once they’ve made the selections.

  • The Full Kit Wanker


    So you love us almost as much as we love you? Get this set to truly support our dream.

    This bundle really is for the Full Kit Wanker, which comes with one of each of our product types, four items in total.
    If you purchase this set, you’ll receive one cap, one white Blended L/S shirt, your choice of one t-shirt and one pair of our limited edition swimshorts.

    We’re hard at work making sure our products are top quality, which is why this is a PRE-ORDER bundle and will be available for delivery mid-April 2019. 

    T-Shirts: #5545U Wordmark#2975C Logo or Expressions

    Swimshorts: Sea Foam or Outlines

    Shirt: Blended L/S

    Cap: baru on Beige


    Scroll down to select sizing and product options.